Miami man accused of stealing diesel in Jefferson County

Jefferson County deputies were called to a gas station on Eastern Valley Road after a discrepancy was discovered in fuel logs.

It was reported that more than 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel was missing. A detective spoke to a store manager on March 14. The manager was instructed to monitor purchases of diesel fuel and report any suspicious activity. On March 15, deputies were called to the gas station to investigate suspicious activity at the diesel pump. The clerk had noted the level of diesel fuel in the in-ground tanks prior to a customer fueling a tractor trailer. The level was checked again when fuel was complete. The pump showed that the customer had only pumped 24.599 gallons of diesel for a cost of $93.45. However, the tank levels indicated that 209 gallons had been dispensed for a cost of $793.99. It was discovered the customer had pried open the pump cover and attached an electronic device that altered the reading on the pump to show less fuel had been dispensed.

Deputies arrested 29-year-old Lazaro Yuced Veliz of Miami, Florida. He is now charged with theft of property second-degree and possession of burglary tools. He is being held in the Jefferson County jail without bond.