Midfield and Bessemer City football game called off


It's a disappointing night for students in Bessemer and Midfield. They were set to play the last regular season game - the end of the year for Bessemer City students, but school leaders called the big game off. One of the most anticipated nights of the year was stopped short.{}"It did affect a lot of people because we really wanted to play this game," a Midfield High Senior said."It was just sad. It was our last game of the season," another student told us.The Midfield / Bessemer game slated for Thursday night was called off. It was Bessemer's last game of the season and the last time seniors would take the field.{}"It was our senior night," a student at Midfield said. "It was our last game.""As a senior, it was our senior night. I was kind of upset because I was really looking forward to that and my mom walking me out. You can't get these days anymore," another student told us.{}"It's a bad thing for them," Dedrick Harris, from Bessemer said. "They were seniors and this was their last game and it seems like they should have had the game. They should have more security and everything."{}"With the way things are now, {}it does spill over into the games a little bit, so we can understand that," Penny Ward, a parent said."I think it's sad the kids didn't get to play their last game on the count of something like that. I think it's a tragedy," James Ward, a parent told us.{}But the big questions is why? Several parents and students we spoke with say they believe it's because of a shooting earlier this week in Midfield. Others say, fights between students are to blame.{}We contacted both school districts, the coaches, the police departments and city leaders but so far no one has been willing to comment. "To me they're looking out for the safety of the kids and to me, that's most important," Ward said.The game for the Purple Tigers and Patriots was scheduled to be played in Midfield Thursday night. It was Bessemer City's last game, but Midfield will go on to the playoffs.