Midfield mayor says damaged roads will be repaired

Cracks, crumbling pavement and uneven roads have become the norm for some streets in the city of Midfield. People are fed up. One of our Facebook friends let us know about it. He told us the roads were "falling apart" and no one was explaining what is going on.

The city is aware that some roads in Midfield need major repairs. ABC 33/40's Candace Sweat drove some of them today and saw that first hand. Mayor Gary Richardson says{} the city has secured funding, and people living in midfield should start seeing results soon.

"We recognize, we know about the problems that exist and we have a plan to fix those problems," said Richardson wants people living in Midfield to know.

Potholes, cracks, and damaged sidewalks will soon be fixed. Richardson says people have expressed concerns about the roads for several years, but he says it has never been the city's intentions to neglect the problem. "They were dumped on us by the county. The were county maintained roads. And when the county got into financial trouble they absolved themselves of the responsibility of maintaining these roads," he said.

Richardson says that was some five years ago. Now, he says things are looking up. {}"We were recently rewarded about 2.2 million dollars in ATRIP funding, the Alabama transportation enhancement program. There are three roads that are designated to be paved," he said.

Those roads area Woodward Road, Rutledge Drive and B.Y. Williams Senior Drive. The projects will be completed in three phases starting with Woodward road. Mayor Richardson says residents would start seeing pavement laid down by the summer. "Right now we are in the engineering phase where the engineers are going out accessing and surveying and determining a plan on how contractors can actually pave the road. We've already entered into contracts with two engineering companies. So the process has begun."

Mayor Richardson says how long it takes to complete the projects depends on how quickly the city can come up with the rest of the matching funds, which is 20 percent of what ATRIP has awarded.{}