Minor High School student arrested for threatening to shoot 3 classmates in the face

Minor High School (City of Adamsville Photo)

A Minor High School student was arrested Wednesday for threatening to shoot and killed three of his classmates, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said.According to a release, Minor's principal alerted the school resource deputy around 8:30 a.m. of a 16-year-old male student who had made threats to harm a group of classmates. It was later learned that prior to the incident the boy had been involved in a verbal altercation with three classmates after he stepped on a student's backpack. During the exchange of words, the student reportedly said to his classmates, "I promise I'm going to shoot all of you in the face and kill all of y'all."School officials isolated the teen from the other students following the confrontation before calling the boy's mother, who informed deputies of guns being present at the family's home. She went on to say that her son didn't have access to the weapons.Following a further investigation into the incident, the sheriff's office criminal division was notified and a juvenile petition was obtained, charging the student with making terrorist threats. He was arrested and transported to the Jefferson County Youth Detention Facility. While executing a search warrant at the student's home investigators located and removed the aforementioned firearms from the residence.

An investigation remains ongoing and the case is being handled in conjunction with the Birmingham Division of Family Court.

No one was injured during the incident.