Miriam-Webster Dictionary offers some entertaining new words

Grab a dictionary for some entertainment.{} Really?{} Is that your reaction?{}

If you don't have one of the newest editions of the Miriam-Webster Dictionary, you can download it on your e-reader.{} When you do, why don't you grab a craft beer or energy drink to help pass the time reading it.

I'm just joking.{} I used that to point out the fact that e-reader, craft beer and energy drink are some of the new words added to the Miriam-Webster Dictionary.

Other new words that made the cut: sexting, man cave, life coach and f-bomb.

Wondering how f-bomb made the cut?{} Dictionary editors say they traced the word back to 1988.{} It first appeared in a "Newsday" story.{} Now deceased Mets catcher Gary Carter talked about how he had given up saying the f-bomb along with other profanities.