Missile production plant opens in north Alabama


{} {} Raytheon has opened a missile production facility in Huntsville, that is expected to initially create 35 new jobs. {}Company officials said the new facility at Huntsville's Redstone Arsenal would eventually create 300 jobs with a combination of factory workers and other positions.{} {} Raytheon President Taylor W. {}Lawrence said the factory will be the most advanced missile integration facility in the world. {}Company officials said at the factory workers will complete assembly and testing of the company's missiles and interceptors.{} {} U.S. Senator {}Richard Shelby of Alabama participated in the opening ceremony Monday. {}He said the new facility will not only create new jobs for Alabama workers, but also help bolster the nation's defense.{} {} U.S. Representative Mo Brooks of Huntsville and Alabama Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey also participated in the opening.{} {}