Missing child is found, his mother will be facing charges

{}A five year old Birmingham boy turned up missing - his mom couldn't find him when she woke up this morning, but after a bizarre twist of events, {}five year old Jaderian Holloway is found.

Jaderian's mother is facing more time without him - after he and his brother are taken into custody by the Department of Human Resources. Turns out he had been with a family member all along and police say she was too intoxicated to remember where he was. {}

"I knew I had to take my baby with me and when I went in there he wasn't in there," April Holloway, Jaderian's mom said. "I asked my son where is he? Where is he? He said Momma I don't know. Someone please help me find my baby, please help me find my baby."

Tearful and scared for her son's safety, April Holloway showed us his pictures - begging for help finding 5 year old Jaderian.{}

"We immediately began to search the area," Lt. Sean Edwards, Birmingham Police said. "We want to talk to everybody, talk to witnesses, we want to talk to anyone that was in the home, talk to the mother."

Birmingham detectives searched their Norwood neighborhood - but no Jaderian. {}After hearing the news, the mother's cousin contacted police saying she had the child and was bringing him back to the house. Officers say last night, the cousin saw Holloway at a local gas station with Jaderian. That cousin told police she took him home with her because the mother was extremely intoxicated. {}Detectives say Ms. Holloway was so far under the influence, she didn't remember any of that. {}

"It hurts," Sam Honeycutt, a cousin said. "You're very concerned. That's not just with family, that's with everyone. We are a loving family."

We went by the family's home - the mother wouldn't talk with us. We spoke with her cousin - he wouldn't comment about the investigation against her but says, they're thankful Jaderian is ok.{}

"He's safe, he's at home, and he's loved," Honeycutt said. "It's not a problem, no neglect or none of those circumstances but he's at home and he's safe. I thank the public for responding the way they did, police officers, Birmingham Police they did their job very well and we are thankful for it."

Police say Jaderian and his 14 year old brother are now in the custody of DHR. No word yet on what charges will be filed against the mother. {}