Missing dogs found

They've been trained to find the missing, but this time two K9's needed to be found.

Their owner believes someone stole them October 10th, but thanks to people in the community, both dogs have been found and are back home.

"They were gone. I went out looking for them. No where to be found." Scott Garland says he came home to find an open gate. "You have to shove it forward and pull back to get the gate open." Garland didn't leave it open knowing his two 13-month old German Shepherds were home alone.

"Either someone stole them or let them out, my impression is someone took them." Two days later, Bear was found at a puppy farm. "A neighbor found him and called us." But the search for Loki grew longer. Garland says "Loki was gone for a full week." Until someone spotted the dog in Ensley. Police told Garland someone sold Loki for 150-dollars."I was teary eyed, it was very emotional. I know when Loki came back, he was very sad, he didn't know what to do."

Before they went missing, Loki and Bear, were about to get certified to become search and rescue K9's. "They were training to do ground and air scent." That certification, now delayed, because the dogs missed the scheduled date. Lipscomb Police are investigating the case, looking at possible dog fighting ties.

As for these pups, health is the main focus, bear had surgery. "Loci was dehydrated and in shock." But they know they're home and are settling in. Garland hopes to start training once again.

Garland is cautioning his neighbors to keep a close eye on their dogs. We contacted the police department, but the main detective on the case was not available. No arrests have been made.