Mission: Transition

There are more than 720,000 unemployed military veterans in the U.S. Home Depot Stores across the country put on training sessions Saturday to help U.S. Service Men and Women transition into the Civilian workforce. The sessions were aimed at helping them with their job search in any industry.This is the first time Home Depot has put on Mission: Transition. The company employs more than 35-thousand veterans and active duty military. It wants to help veterans make the transition to the civilian workforce easier, whether it's working for Home Depot or for another company.From combat to the workforce. "You're re-identifying yourself. It's a whole different world." Philip Lawrence spent five years in the Marine Corps, but making the transition from a military job to a civilian one hasn't been easy.{}"I was a military police officer, so do I want I want to go into law enforcement or into sales or try something new?" He decided to come to Home Depot's Career Assistance Program for U.S. Service men and women.He and other veterans learned about job search strategies and tools helping those tackle the challenging job market."We want to look and try to help them transform from the military side of doing business to the civilian side of doing business." Former veteran and Home Depot Store Manager Jeff King understands the challenges of starting over again. "You're use to a lot of different terminology and way of life of doing things different."A reason he helped guide these men through a different kind of training, civilian job training! Like taking military language and putting it into civilian terminology. "The marine corps and military in general, it's very rough, It's not always politically correct. It's in your face, in the civilian world it's more polite, you have to be more compassionate and understanding."Lawrence also learned tactics for interviews and how to update his resume. Army veteran Ray McMillan works for Home Depot, but wanted to join the training session to lend his support and guidance. "Having been out of the military as long as I have, I know some of the problems people will face and I know some of things I learned that I took advantage of helped me and maybe I can help them."The company has a new skills translator who can help translate and match an applicants unique military skills with positions that might offer the best fit.