Missions Unlimited helps with Hurricane Sandy relief

One by one, volunteers stuff boxes with sleeping bags, tents and basic necessities to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

"Most of this, this load will be focused on New Jersey," says volunteer Benjamin Sanders. Sanders is just one of many people who are taking the initiative to give back, to help as much as he can. "A lot of these people are losing their homes, their jobs, basically the foundation of their lives," says Sanders.

The organization expected to head up North Monday, but was delayed because bridges and roads were closed. Since Sandy, there is a nationwide push to help families who lost loved ones caught in the path of the storm.

President of Missions Unlimited Kenneth Key says, "We're Americans and we respond to tragedies all over the world, this is our world this time, this is us." Key says more than 5,000 sleeping bags will be shipped from Alabama to the East coast.

But that's not all, they need batteries, clean socks, generators and the list continues.

Meanwhile, Sanders continues to all he can to help those who need it the most.

Sanders says, "Everyone needs help, we've got to do our part to help our brother, when the time comes they can help us."

If you would like to donate off items, you're encouraged to visit the Jasper location at 251 21st Street, E. Jasper, Alabama 35502. You can also donate money to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy through mail. Missions Unlimited mailing address is P.O. Box 929, Jasper, Alabama 35022.