Missouri man stranded on boat near St. Clair County gas station

It's a long way from home for Missouri resident George Morris. Morris said he bought a 41-foot yacht in Talladega weeks ago, but transport trailers continue to break. He's currently sleeping on his boat near a truck stop at the{}Brompton exit off I-20.

"I decided to do a bucket list by putting a yacht in my pond," said Morris.

He's from Sikeston, Mo., which is almost 400 miles away. He's spent a few nights in a Pell City hotel but{}spends most nights{}in his boat.

"I've got a generator and a heater," he said.

His named his boat "2nd Hand Lion" after the 2003 movie "Secondhand Lions," which Morris' friends said reminds them of him.

The Missouri man said he's met several friends along his trek through Alabama, and many have lent helping hands and given him gifts.

"They've taken my clothes and washed them," he added. "They've even brought me meals."

Morris plans to have another transport trailer pull the boat Tuesday morning.

"People come up to me and say{}'You've got problems,'" he said. "I say I've had challenges, and I love a challenge."