MLK Love Feast

The biggest event of the day was the President Obama's ceremonial inauguration for a second term. But at the same time, people across the nation spent Monday giving back as they marked a day of service dedicated to the memory of Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior.

Hiram Little says "America is the greatest country in the world." Hundreds of dinners and plenty of fellowship warmed hearts during the annual Martin Luther King Love Feast.

Nathaniel Sanders, a deacon at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church says "We got people less fortunate than us and we go out, to reach out, to touch somebody."

Volunteers from churches and members of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, started by Dr. King, made sure seniors and those without a home received a hot meal.

Little says "When these people come down to care enough to provide a meal. It's a blessing."

"Every year this place is full, we've been doing this for many, many years." Reverend Calvin Woods says SCLC spends all year helping people in need. This Love Feast, just one way, it reaches out. "The SCLC helps them all year long. Our office is here where a lot of groups will start it and stop and just come out on special days. But we're here fighting against injustice, fighting against crime, fighting against killings, striving to spread love year long."

Woods encourages the community to lend support to the SCLC, so it can continue helping people. "We need their prayers, we need their support."

The city is also reaching out to people trying to stay warm. Boutwell Auditorium will become a warming station every night until Sunday. Dinner will also be provided.