Mock Disaster At Birmingham Airport

Birmingham airport and emergency officials practiced a scenario they hope never to witness a large airplane disaster. More than 50 volunteers acted as injured passengers, spread out among acres throughout the airport. They were given these passengers sheets with a list of their injuries. The scenario entailed a large alert emergency, a terrorist attack, with parts of the plane engulfed in flames...

From there it is up to police, fire and airport officials to assess and counter the emergency situation.

Holli Maxwell with the Red Cross says, "I think it's very important for all these agencies to come together, work together, and practice drills such as this, so that we are prepared..."

The various personnel on the scene worked together to help evacuate volunteers who were playing victims of the crash, while simultaneously working together to knock down the terrorist...

Janice Tombrello says, "3rd degree burns, broken hip, collapse lung, broken ribs, head injuries, confusion, I was screaming and crying." Tombrello is a nursing student at Virginia college and graduates in September, she says this drill is good practice. Tombrello says, "we've had a lot of experience with people who are injured in clinical settings so, I think being a nursing student kind of helps to make it more realistic for these guys, for the responders."

And although this disaster is staged, volunteers say it's best to be prepared to know how to best handle a situation like this one.

One volunteer says, "If it does happen, people will know that the response time with the city is really good."