MOF Conquer Cancer Run

Some people battle their afflictions with faith.

The tenth annual Brenda Ladun Conquer Cancer run involves faith for one young lady who is helping put it all together.

She says God put her on a journey to help fight cancer after a heart break of her own in high school.

More than a thousand runners will line up March first at St. Vincent's One Nineteen to help stomp out cancer... with a 5 k run... or one mile fun run.

But behind the starting line... are many stories of why people are passionate about fight the disease with events like this one.

@Kristen Berney's story is just one of them. She works with The American Cancer society and is helping to promote and put together the Conquer Cancer Run.

She says, " This is the tenth Annual Brenda Ladun Conquer Cancer run and this is actually ten

years ago this past September was when I lost my mom to ovarian cancer. I just

love what the conquer cancer run stands for that word conquer we are

going to conquer cancer... even though my mom was not able to conquer

her battle with cancer other people are gonna be able to. I love doing the

Conquer Cancer run in her memory.

Kristin Berney is like many people who are drawn to the run... they have either battled cancer themselves... or endured the heartache of watching a loved one with it.


Part of the reason I work for the American Cancer Society is so other girls don't have to lose their moms to cancer in high


Kristin has faith that God has her on a journey to help find a cure.

The Lord really changed the path of my life and shaped who I am

today because of my moms cancer journey.

The Lord has a plan for everyone battling cancer and everyone with a

family member or a loved one battling cancer we can trust in that.

You have to have something to hope for or what are you fighting for

what are you living for? so we're hoping for that cure and trusting the

lord is gonna work things for good in your life.

She wants to be there... as others were there for her.

@I got married in February and there were four women in my life really in

different areas that stepped up after I lost my mom. That's why I love working with the ACS and run it connects people

affected by cancer... with other people... affected by it.

you can find encouragement... and hope and be a part of making a difference in the battle against a killer.

There will be fun, laughter and plenty of food!

February first is the deadline to get your honorees name printed on the back of the shirt.

For more information you can go to