MOF Crimson Dream

If you're looking for a good book to read... You may consider "The Crimson Dream".

It's written by Chad Bianchi... he worked on the team and learned from the front lines what it's like to face tough opponents... and later found himself in a different kind of battle.


The book the "Crimson Dream" is a work from the heart... and this author who's faced tough health challenges... is giving the proceeds from the heart.

Author Chad Bianchi says, "On the surface its about my five seasons at the University of Alabama

football team... but also more about faith humility and God.

He's even humble about his expertise in that area of being humble.


Chad: "I'm not done with that, just because I wrote about it... does not mean I'm

an expert in it by any means."

He was at a red sox game when he realized something was terribly wrong with his body.

Chad: "I started to notice my balance change my speech was slurred."

He went to a hospital in Montgomery ...and was transferred to UAB.

He says it snowballed from there. doctors could not figure out what had caused him to lose function in his body and become so weak.


Chad: "I guess I'm just one of those rare cases they couldn't figure out what I


Thats when his faith shifted into high gear.

Chad: "I've always been a Christian and relied heavily on my faith but this

ordeal caused me to garner more strength from that. My body gets in the way a lot and I don't want to succumb to a lot of

assistance from others."

But he also wants to let you know whatever you're struggling with... there is hope.

Chad: "I am getting better it's taking a lot longer than I ever wanted.... but I

am getting better. Knowing that his ways are not our ways and that Gods plans are not

my plans whatever he has planned I'm game for it."

For now it appears God has him witnessing through this book which is about his walk through working at the University... to his life dealing with a health issue.

Chad: "I worked with the athletic trainers... my job was in logistics of

everything with practices and games home and away."

Now he is giving 40 percent of the proceeds to the Tuscaloosa tornado victims fund.

Chad: "Tuscaloosa was my second home for 4 years and it gave me so

many good memories...this is my way of paying the University back."

@That's what I feel the Lord laid on my heart.

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