Could Birmingham be the next Hollywood?

For years many people have worked to lure film makers to Alabama.

Now the Irwin brothers are making their second major motion picture in Birmingham.

It's called "Mom's Night Out"..

It's a comedy.

Jon Irwin and Andy Irwin wrote and directed the movie "Mom's Night Out". Jon Irwin tells us, "Trace Adkins will be on a motorcycle and Patricia Heaton and girls will be in a cab swerving around. A lot of screaming and that's what we're getting tonight."

It sounds like a movie set in Hollywood...

Jon: "The climax of the movie is a chase sequence. hysterical comedy of errors."

But it's set right here in Alabama.

Jon: "Monte our stunt double has doubled Arnold Swartzenager.. he has choreographed stunt work that's gonna happen on a viaduct."


It was filmed in downtown Birmingham.

Jon: "I can't believe I get to do this for a living... this is what little boys do we play with little cars today I had 8 of the best stuntmen in the world with Monte and myself were planning and we all have little match box cars.

And it's not just one scene... the filming of the movie written and produced by the Irwin brothers.. was completely being shot here in Birmingham.


Jon: "We are thrilled we can bring it to Alabama."

Mom's night out is a comedy... about just that.

Jon: "It's about stressed out moms taking a night out with her friends dad trying to keep the kids, turns into night of mayhem. It's quite a comedy. In the lead Sara Drew from Grey's anatomy Patricia Heaton from the


And for these stars used to the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles.... they seem to like sweet home Alabama.

Jon: "So many of em have never been to Alabama so they didn't know what to expect they get here and they love it.

Filming the Sony movie here is a big savings on the price tag of the movie, allowing more stars like Trace Adkins to be featured. I'm born and raised in Alabama. Andy and I, we started our careers here working for ESPN here. Started doing music videos won music video of the year 3 times, had 11 nominations for the Dove Awards... all those project were done here we brought people from Nashville here."

Now they're bringing people from LA here.

The Irwin brothers don't hide their faith and hope this clean comedy will be an encouragement to families.

Jon: "I want every mom out there to feel like what she does is priceless and important and amid all the chaos its worth it. My faith is a big part of what I do."

Andy:"It's good to laugh. Mayhem comedy everything goes wrong in the night. To go from directing the movie: " October Baby" which is a serious issue driven drama to go to something light hearted is a breath of fresh air. There's so much pressure for moms. Hey nobody's perfect parenting is hard but it has its rewards."

@Andy sees the value in family... and the value in mom's and dads trying to get it right.

Andy. "It's time we start applauding moms. When I've been where these dads are in the story I say baby I direct a movie set with 100s of people jobs stress stunts and my job doesn't compare to how hard yours is."

"Mom's Night Out" will be in theaters next year.