Mold at A.H. Watwood Elementary concerns parents

Shaunta Williams dropped her 6 year daughter off at A.H. Watwood Elementary school with a nagging worry. "I didn't know that mold was in the school, I don't know how bad it is, that it's in there," says Williams.

During last week, the schools roof leaked in one classroom and the library. Mold impacted five square feet of the classroom and roughly one square foot in the library.

Exposure to mold can cause serious health concerns like respiratory illness and skin issues.

Now the school is doing all they can to fix the problem. In a statement, Superintendent Suzanne Lacey says, "On Monday February 18th, an environmental consulting firm professional was present to review the cleanup efforts and to also sample the air quality. His assessment was that there was no danger to students or staff members in either location. He indicated that official results from the air quality test would be available in three to four days."

Students will remain out of the classroom until the report is received, but it still leaves concern for parents like Williams.

"They know the side effects of mold and what it can cause and they should've talked to the parents and let them make their choice, not just sending your child to school knowing that this is there," says Williams.