Mold forces Montevallo Elementary classes to relocate

Cindy Warner with Shelby County Schools says two different kinds of mold were found inside Montevallo Elementary School.

"We're going to do whatever it's going to take to get the situation resolved," Warner said. "That mold does cause some minor health issues, it can cause some upper respiratory issues. So it is something we do need to have fixed."Heavy rainfall and poor drainage led to mold spores in one classroom.

Four other classrooms along the same hallway were relocated as a precaution."It's mainly fifth grade students that are being impacted the most by the move. Between 25 and 30 students per class," says Warner.

Those students and teachers will set up shop for an undetermined amount of time in{} portable classrooms."We want to make sure their instructional process is not interrupted so we're moving them out here in the meantime," Warner said.Mushroom spores were found in three additional classrooms in Montevallo Elementary, as well as the school's kitchen, lunchroom and gym. Those spores were said to of entered the building by open windows and doors in the previous weeks.However, those mold levels are no higher than what could be found outdoors and typically do not cause health issues.

The five temporary classrooms will be ready for students by Monday or Tuesday of next week.