Mother of Fairfield boy who was abducted sends email defending her character, lashes out at parents

Rhashaud Felix, left, and his mother, Shaundria Felix.

FAIRFIELD, Alabama -- The mother of the 9-year-old boy who police say was taken from his Fairfield home says her son was never in danger. Shaundria Felix sent an email to ABC 33/40's sister station in Mobile saying the statements made by her mother Tanja Felix are not true.Shaundria Felix says her son, Rhashaud, has not been abused in any form or fashion. Tanja Felix told a Mobile television station Sunday she came to Fairfield to take the boy after she had been told about reports of abuse.

She claims she called the Fairfield Police Department about the allegations and after a month, nothing happened.

"I love my grandson so much I would never let my grandson get beat up or injured," said Tanja Felix. "I think I did the right thing to be a grandmother, but I'm not a bad person."ABC 33/40 asked Fairfield Police Chief Leon Davis about Felix's claims. He says he was not aware of a report.Tanja Felix also says she did not take Rhashaud at gunpoint as previously reported. However, her daughter says that's not true. In the email, she wrote, "I am willing to take a lie detector test in regards to the gun being in question! She took my son at gunpoint that's a FACT not fiction that happened."Shaundria Felix also says the abuse did not take place at her home, rather at the home of her parents.

Felix wrote, "My father has been arrested for domestic violence against my mother and also a DUI because he's an a alcoholic. I solely moved to Birmingham to get my child out of harms way not the other way around!I did not want him to continue to see my parents abusive relationship."

This case started Saturday evening when Fairfield police say 53-year-old Tanja Felix came to Fairfield and took her grandson. An Amber Alert was issued and police in South Alabama found the child early Sunday morning in Eight Mile. The Amber Alert was later canceled and Tanja Felix was taken into custody and later released. Rhashaud Felix is reportedly in DHR custody.

Davis says the case remains under investigation. He says his office is talking with DHR and the district attorney's office about possible charges.

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