Needed improvements at Montevallo City Hall

Montevallo says some of its city buildings don't meet code and are falling into disrepair. City leaders have now paved the way for change."I'm in a wheelchair," Linda Rutledge, a Montevallo resident said. "It's a lot difficult. Sometimes they have to move stuff so I can get through."It's for Montevallo neighbors - like Linda - that city leaders want to move city hall."We have some accessibility issues as far as the concrete goes, so this is something we need to address," Hollie Cost, Montevallo Mayor said.Mayor Cost gave us a tour of the aging building.{}"We're losing some sheet rock here, so we have some finishing work that needs to be done," Cost said.She told us, water damage is everywhere, wood is rotting away, and the electrical system isn't up to code."We are very strong on code enforcement here in Montevallo," Cost said. "If we are asking others to abide by the code, then we need to abide by the code as well."It's not just the building's wear and tear....{}"It's in pretty bad shape, it's pretty crowded because there is not enough room for all the employees to have space that they need," Kay Sutton, who supports the new building, said.City council meetings are packed tight and frequently have to be held elsewhere."City hall is an important part of making a town run well," Lilly Lanter, a resident said."It becomes confusing for citizens when we have a meeting and the appearance is of us not being transparent," Cost said. "We want to avoid that."Another city councilor told us, he believes expanding city hall would be a better solution and would cost less. But Mayor Cost says the building is simply too small. The city is considering the Victory Auto building next door as a possible site. "To hopefully bring in new businesses, new people and new families!" Sutton said.The money to pay for the move or renovations will come from the one cent sales tax increase. A decision about city hall's relocation will be made by March 10th. Montevallo's Main Street is also getting a facelift. New sidewalks, street lights, and improvements are on the way - that project is expected to be underway next Spring.{}