Montevallo Elementary to re-open to students Thursday

Montevallo Elementary School will re-open to teachers on Wednesday and students on Thursday.{}Superintendent Randy Fuller said the school is in great condition following several weeks of cleaning and renovation efforts.{}Recent air quality testing performed by two separate companies, ERG Environmental, Inc., and Environmental Materials Consultants, also came back with clean reports.

In addition to overall cleaning efforts to improve air quality at the school, maintenance crews completed several renovation projects.{}These included installing new tiles floors in several areas of the building, replacing lights and lenses throughout the building, replacing ceiling tiles, repainting several areas (including the gym), and renovating bathroom areas in the fifth grade wing.{} Other projects included replacing water fountains in the fifth grade wing, stripping and waxing floors, and cleaning the HVAC system.

Fifth grade classrooms that were temporarily relocated to portable classrooms while cleanup and renovation efforts were being completed have been moved back inside the main building.

"Our staff has worked very hard to make sure we could open on time following Christmas break," said Fuller.{}"The school looks great and we are excited to welcome faculty and students back."

Fuller said continued improvements will be made at the school in coming months.