Montgomery School Board elects new Superintendent

Byunanimous vote, Margaret Allen was officially elected Superintendent of theMontgomery Public Schools.{} She served asthe interim Superintendent since the October resignation of Barbara Thompson.{} After Thompson and the school system reacheda mutual separation agreement is when Allen stepped in.{} Ultimately, it was her work as Superintendentand her reputation within the district that led the board to their decision.

Allenrealizes there is much work to be done while getting through the state auditsbrought on by a district wide grade fixing scandal which involved severalschools, teachers and administrators.

"Whatwe are already doing are, of course, the audits and having to do the plans thatare associated with them. We're going to try to manage getting those done throughthis tenure," Allen said. "We're hoping to be able to incorporate the30-60-90-day plans that we are having to do. "We're hoping to incorporatestrategies from that into that strategic plan."

Allenhas held many positions - teacher, principal, and central administrator - duringher 37 years of service with the Montgomery Public Schools.

Allen'sterm runs through 2016.