Moody High School students mourn death of classmate

Students at Moody High School are mourning the loss of their classmate. 16-year-old Jonathan Harris, a sophomore died Monday night from injuries sustained in a weekend rollover accident on Roberts Mill Pond Road in Pell City. Students wore blue on Tuesday, the school color of Moody High School, the same color he wore on the football field and on the wrestling mat.{} "Jonathan was always one of those kids who had a smile on his face. You would never catch him frowning or in a bad mood. He was always there to smile and bring people up," says{}Brett Staggs. Staggs is{}a Moody High School junior and a friend of Jonathan Harris.

Staggs describes the feeling walking the school halls Tuesday morning.{} "You can totally tell there's a solemn feeling going on in school today as we remember him. But you can also tell the bits and pieces of joy that people are still feeling because they remember him and know through his faith, where he is right now."

His wrestling coach, J. T. Gosnell says it hurts seeing a young life taken so soon.{}"He was a hard working young man, he was fun to be around," says Gosnell. "He was starting to dedicate himself, to work hard, to make good decisions. He was really starting to turn that corner and I'm sad{}I won't be able to meet the man that he was becoming."Moody High School assistant principal Tommy Smitherman knows it is hard for students to focus with Harris on their minds.{} "We've had a couple of class periods come through, and it's real sad. People are thinking. There's a lot of broken hearts."Tuesday, students walked the halls wearing blue in honor of Harris. But prior to his death, students wore pink to school on Monday.{}Pink was Harris' favorite color.{} "Just being there for one another. Just like a family would. It's an extremely tough time for everyone right now," says Smitherman. For Brett Staggs, he misses his friend. But, he{}knows the Moody family will make it through this tragedy.{} "We all come together, we draw strength from each other," says Staggs. "We draw strength from our faith in Jesus christ and we just lean on that, because those are the constant things."

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