More changes on the way for Highway 280

More changes are coming to Highway 280.

Another signal is coming down and a new one will be activated. It's part of a project to improve a ten mile stretch from Hollywood Boulevard to Hugh Daniel Drive.

Two weeks ago, the traffic signal came down at Brook Manor Drive to help improve traffic flow on congested 280.

The next two changes are happening just down the road Friday night. A new signal will be activated on Overton Road.

Brian Davis with ALDOT says "What we decided to do there is put a traffic signal back up, stop only Westbound traffic to allow motorists to make that Left turn onto Overton Road in a protective mode."

Davis says drivers heading Eastbound will make safer U-turns, more left turns and delays will be less. 280 outbound traffic will not stop.

Then.. there's Cherokee Road. It's the first intersection you come to if you get on 280 from Brookwood Mall and go up the hill."

This weekend's change is already heavily criticized by drivers. They'll no longer cross 280. A barrier will go up. Janie Nash says, "It's gonna really make it longer for us to get across."

Bruce Long says, "I do use it in the morning and afternoon to cross over, so I'm a little disappointed it's going away."

The signal will come down for Eastbound 280 keeping traffic moving, but the Westbound signal will remain. Side street left turns will be eliminated from both sides.

Davis says, "If you're in bound at Birmingham and you're running outbound toward the Summit, you will be able to turn left onto Cherokee, because it's an extremely heavy left move." Davis also says it's another step to keep traffic flowing on 280.

Davis encourages people to drive through the area before Monday rush hour. Phase one of the 280 projects will be done by the 5th, but there will be some clean-up. Phase 2 is underway including intersections from Green Valley Road to Hugh Daniel Drive.

You can pick up a driver's guide explaining Phase I at ALDOT and local city halls near 280 as well as police and fire departments. Some guides have even been mailed to residents near the changes.

You can also visit