More information on Irondale shooting

An all night New Years Eve party turned dangerous in Irondale. Police say a man was shot twice this morning after he tried to stop someone from shooting into the air. Police are still looking for that suspect.

Police are looking for a man they're calling "Miguel". He may be armed with a 9 millimeter handgun and may live near the airport. He was last seen driving a white Ford Explorer. Police say many people living in the community where this happened are scared and don't want him to return.

Irondale Police say celebratory gunfire led to an act of violence in the Eastwood Mobile Home Village. Sinahi Tello lives in the community and had this to say, "It's awful and I hope he's okay and the guy is caught. It's terrible."

An all night New Year's Eve party ended around 8 Tuesday morning when a man asked another man to stop firing his gun into the air. Detective Michael Mangina says "The victim came up to him, told him, please don't fire into the air, that's dangerous at which time the suspect turned the gun on him."

Police say a man by the name of Miguel, shot the victim in the chest and shoulder and left the scene. Police believe alcohol played into the shooting. Tello says she heard several shots all night, "Every single Christmas and New years, it's nothing new, everybody hears that all the time. But nothing ever happens and it's crazy to know someone got shot."

While police say many in the community are scared of the suspect.. They're also leery to talk to investigators.. a reason police want those who may have information to know this..

Detective Mangina says "We want to stress to our Hispanic neighbors. We're not after them to check their status of if their in this country illegally. We want to investigate the crime and put someone in jail."

Police say Miguel faces an attempted murder charge. Police also tell us the victim is out of surgery and is critical condition. Anyone with information is asked to call Irondale police at 951-7547.