More than $10,000 of North Face jackets stolen from Gadsden shop

Trey Staples, owner of Gadsden Outfitters, talks about the recent theft of $10,000 in North Face jackets from his store. (

A Gadsden clothing and camping store is out of its hottest item because of burglars.

The owner of Gadsden Outfitters, Trey Staples, said someone broke into his store late Saturday or early Sunday and stole dozens of men's jackets.

"Someone threw a 30 pound rock through the window and took all of our men's North Face Denali jackets, and some other types of jackets.{} But the main one was one particular rack they focused on that they cleared it out," Staples said.

He said at least 60 jackets are gone, and possibly as many as 80.

Staples expected to sell several in the last two shopping days before Christmas.{} The first call he answered after reopening following the break-in was from a customer who wanted to buy a North Face Denali jacket.

Now he's without more than 10-thousand dollars of inventory during the busiest sales season of the year.

"What we make off of stuff that we sell usually during this time of year specifically, is what we hold onto and pull from in June, July, and August when it gets really hot and we're selling T-shirts and flip flops," Staples said.

The thief or team of burglars did not touch the register or take items that sell for more than the Denali jackets.{}{} Staples said the culprit knew exactly what he or she wanted to take.

"I think they either have buyers already on the hook or they have a place where they will get rid of them.{} There are flea markets and trade days and things like that also that a lot of these folks will utilize for moving stolen goods,"he said.

Etowah County sheriff's deputies recently seized hundreds of counterfeit items--including North Face jackets--from a road side stand in Gadsden.{} Staples wonders if the sellers of fake items would steal to provide authentic ones.

"Trying to legitimize their operations, I guess," he said.

Staples does not expect his insurance to pay for all of the loss, but is hopeful for some coverage.

If you see a North Face jacket or other high-end item on sale for a very low price, beware, especially if it is outside an established business.

The item is likely either counterfeit or stolen.{} Report those suspicious sales to police.