More unmarried women living with a mate are getting pregnant

A new federal report suggests more unmarried women living with partners are having children.

Data released Tuesday by the National Center for Health Statistics says cohabiting women accounted for 23% of all American babies born from 2006 to 2010.{} In 2002, that figure was only 14%. Overall births remained about the same, with fewer married women and unmarried women living without a partner delivering children.

The information comes as part of a broader study of intended and unintended births in the United States.{} Researchers gathered data from more than 12,000 women 15 to 44.{} The report shows that 37% of births in the U.S. were unintended at the time of conception.{} Among the overall population, that figure has held steady since the first government study of this type, in 1982. But the authors note large differences in the statistics based on race, marital status, education and income.