Signs with anti-multiculturalism message seen on I-65 overpasses

Some morning rush hour commuters in Birmingham saw new signs spread across overpasses along{} I-65. The signs read "Anti-racist is a code word for anti white." No one knows who's behind this or exactly the point of it all. The signs came down almost as quickly as they appeared. We don't know who took them down.{}

Ryan Lenz, a senior writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, says the words on those signs are{} part of a manifesto called The Mantra.{}{}

"In the last six months or so it seems that The Mantra, as it's called, has been appearing in written form on placards and posters and banners," said Lenz.

Lenz has done extensive research on The Mantra and says it's nothing new. The words seen on this sign make up the final line of the 221-word mantra written by Robert Whitaker in 2006. Whitaker is a segregationist and is considered by some a political activist.

"It's gone through a lot of changes and adaptations and revisions since, but largely the assignment remains the same, which is it's a scalding attack on multi culturalism," said Lenz.

Lenz says, at its core, The Mantra has the idea that white people are ensuring their own genocide by embracing multi-culturalism.

The message people saw in Birmingham this morning has also appeared in Eugene, Oregon. There's even this Facebook page dedicated to the mantra. Lenz says the mantra itself has not been listed on the SPLC hate groups list. However, The Mantra is being promoted by groups who are considered hate groups. "A website called Storm Front, which is the largest white supremacist group in the world. The National Socialist Movement. The posters that are appearing in Birmingham have a website called Dixie Net. That is the website for the League of the South, which is a southern white heritage organization, but at it's core adopts some very racist beliefs."

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