Mother calls bullying a problem at A. H. Watwood

© Chambless has filed harassment forms and complaints at the school. (

"I haven't been feeling good," a nine-year-old fourth grader at A. H. Watwood said.

The student, who will not be identified, has not been to school in two days. He's worried sick to his stomach.

"I am getting bullied at school," he said.

Every day...the same thing.

"He hits me, anywhere from my stomach, up," he said. "He kicks me in the legs and he stomps my feet so much that they've been bruised."

He says one student for four months has been constantly harassing him.

"He finally got the nerve to tell me about it last Tuesday," Audra Chambless said.

Chambless is the boy's mother. She says she was fuming when she heard the news.

She went to the school and filled out harassment forms, citing the hitting, kicks and stomps to her son. She went to the police station and filled out an assault report.

But, still, nothing has happened.

She says police told her it's out of their jurisdiction. As for the Talledega School System, it sent this statement to ABC 33/40:

"Any incident of harassment or bullying is investigated by school administrators and appropriate action is taken as a result of the investigation."

But Chambless says it's more than's a matter of life and death.

Her son was born with a disorder where his kidneys didn't form properly. It's a condition that could kill him.

"If he was hit correctly, it could burst a kidney and he could die instantly," she said.

But the straight-A student is not fighting back. He says he has too much to look forward to.

"I do not want to drop my conduct grade and get suspended," he said.