Mother meets with superintendent about school bullying

ABC 33/40 reporter Bryant Somerville talks with Audra Chambless Wednesday to get an update on her son being bullied at A.H. Watwood Elementary School. (

Audra Chambless is tired of disappointing her son.

"'Momma, you said you would make sure he never hit me again and he has'," she said. "And that broke my heart."

Her son is a nine-year-old student at A. H. Watwood Elementary School. Chambless says he's been picked on, bullied and beaten all by the same child for years. A couple weeks ago, after finally telling his mother, Chambless filled out the proper school harassment forms and a police report, but nothing was done.

"[He] got hit above his shoulder in between P. E. and coming back to class," she said. "Then at lunch, his feet were stomped by the same child."

The constant fear is taking a toll on the boy's straight-A grades.

"He had two 70s and one 60 in his folder this week and I am not used to seeing that at all," Chambless said.

"You can tell something is on his mind, but doesn't want to talk about it," Becca Deneke said.

Deneke is the boy's step-mother.

"This is really changing his personality and how he's reacting to stuff," she said. "He does fear he's going to be seriously hurt."

Adding to the boy's worry is his condition. He was born with his kidneys in the wrong place. Chambless says if he gets hit with enough force in the correct spot, it could kill him.

Chambless met with Superintendent, Dr. Suzanne Lacey, Wednesday. Chambless says her lawyer and Deneke were not allowed to sit in. Chambless says Lacey is reassuring her that everything that can be done is being done, but safety is not guaranteed.

"They told me they cannot guarantee that he will not be hit again, but they were doing all they could," she said.

Superintendent Lacey was not available for comment.