Mother of beaten baby speaks; father jailed

{}{} The mother of a newborn infant that police say was severely abused at the hand of his own father is speaking out.{}{} Tina Minor tells ABC 33/40 "It feels like a tornado just ripped through my family."{} {}{}{} She said that one day after police arrested her husband, Jay Minor the baby's father who Tina Minor is also married to.{} Police believe last Tuesday, May 6th while Tina was away from their home on Hagler-Coaling road, Jay Miner squeezed and beat his newborn son, breaking many of his tiny bones.{} "He (the baby) woke up out of his baby bed and Jay got irritated with him and started going to town and beating my son," said Tina Minor drenched in tears.{}{}{} Right now, the infant named Jerry Minor is still at Children's hospital with a fractured skull and multiple broken bones.{} "If he comes out, he's going to have to have a feeding tube.{} Me and my mom are going to have to learn how to feed him.{} He will never be the same anymore," cried mother Tina.{}{}{}{} According to court documents, Jay Minor admitted to striking the "infant twice{} with his fist in the head and squeezed his chest in an attempt to make the baby stop crying.{} Minor also admitted snatching him by the leg on an earlier date."{}{}{}{}{}{} Police also noted that "due to the infants severe brain damage it is the opinion of the hospital staff that the baby will never be able to be able to take care of himself or function as a normal human being."{}{}{}{} Tina Minor says her husband has a drinking problem.{}{}{} He's charged with Domestic Violence Assault and Child Abuse.{}{}{}{}{} Tina tells ABC 33/40 she's just praying "I love my kids and I just hope everyone will stand behind me and pray for my family and pray that my son comes home."{}{}{} As of Thursday afternoon, baby Jerry was taken off the ventilator and able to breathe on his own.{} However, he suffered severe brain damage in the trauma allegedly{}inflicted by his father.