Mother of inmate who died in jail wants answers

{}The FBI is investigating after a Walker County inmate died in the jail. The death happened in October of 2009. The mother says she's tried for 7 years to find answers. {}"I just want everyone to remember that smile he had," Linda Rowell, Vincent's mom said.For Victor and Linda, memories of their son Vincent and these pictures are all they have left. {}"I couldn't come together with not being able to see him again," she said.In 2009, 21 year old Vincent got into trouble. He stole a small dump truck and was chased by officers who threw out spikes to stop him. He was tased and taken into custody and to a hospital but was released. But that's where - his parents say- the story gets fuzzy. Vincent went from there to the Sumiton jail then to Walker County Jail. {}"When he got to Sumiton jail you can see the video of him getting out of the car in handcuffs and he goes inside the jail walking on his own but as he leaves from the jail he cant walk, he's paralyzed," Victor Pickett, Vincent's Dad said.{}Almost a week later, he died. No one can answer how or why. {}"I couldn't believe he was dead. I thought, ok, he was just talking to us Saturday so how could he be dead Tuesday morning?" Rowell said.His dad was the last family member to speak with him..."He told me they beat and tased him -fluid was building up inside and couldn't breath," Pickett said. "He told me to tell everyone he loved them and he was sorry for what he did and then it was like somebody just slammed the phone down. 7{>}Funeral home workers took video of Vincent's wounds - they suggest a severe beating. Years later, an inmate sent letters to the Rowell family. Saying he heard Vincent begging for medical help. He was unable to walk was told to "shut up.""He told us in detail everything he went through," Rowell said. "He kept asking to get him some help."Vincent's mom says she understands her son made a mistake but wants justice for the people responsible."I couldn't take the fact that he was fixing to be put in the ground and that I would never see him again," Rowell said."I understand he needing punishing for taking the dump truck but death was too harsh," Rowell said.The Walker County Jail Administrator told us they feel for the family and the jail does have a staff of healthcare workers, but can't say much else do to the ongoing investigation. The FBI confirmed it's investigation to ABC 33/40 - it will report it's findings to the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division for review.