BREAKING: Missing 10 month old found safe in Texas

De'Anthony Kelly

UPDATE: Birmingham Police confirm 10 month old De'Anthony Kelly and 14 year old Dor'Sayde Gathright have been taken into custody in Dallas, Texas. Both families are being notified. Child Protective Services of Dallas, and the Alabama Department of Human Resources are working together to get both parties back home.---------------------------------------------------------------A desperate search is underway for a 10-month-old baby taken from his Birmingham home. Investigators believe 14 year old Dor'Sayde Gathright abducted De'Anthony Kelly early Monday morning from his home.

It's easy to see- looking around LaTonya Kelly's home, that there's someone important missing. "I feel dead inside," LaTonya Kelly, the child's mother said. "I feel cold. I feel lonely. I just want my baby."The last time she saw her baby was late Sunday night. {}The family says 10 month old De'Anthony DeJuan Kelly was at a neighbor's home 3 doors down. When 14 year old Dor'Sayde Gathright came home, she and an unidentified woman took off with the child in a 2010 silver Dodge Charger driven by an unknown male, and headed to Mississippi. The Kelly family says Dor'Sayde's family frequently babysat for the child and treated him well. But the teenager has been known to get into trouble. "I'm just panicking thinking like they're not answering," Kelly said. "Could he be dead? Is my baby dead?""The child of the godmother came home, the 14 year old she told the mom she was going to a friends house with the baby," Sgt. Johnny Williams, Birmingham Police said. "The friend supposedly lived close by, but she never returned."The Kelly family says they have heard from Dor'Sayde- and she told them she plans to bring the child back - but hasn't said much else."They assured them that they were on the way with my grand baby," Bernadine Kelly, the child's grandmother said. "That didn't pan out. I'm begging and pleading right now. Please bring us back our baby."Anyone with information on the whereabouts of De'Anthony DeJuan Kelly or Dor'Sayde Gathright is urged to contact the Birmingham Police Department or call Crimestoppers at 254-7777.