Greene County mother outraged after 4-year-old son was left on cold bus all day

Zion Wilson (

{}{}{} Javalynn Wilson says they were concerned but not alarmed when they picked up her son Zion from Greene County Head start Monday.{} "He had packed mucus in his eyes, his face was red and swollen," Wilson told ABC 33.40.

{}{}{} It appears the four year old was trying to explain{} that he spent all day in the cold. "He had been complaining that his feet were frozen and that he was crying"

{}{}{} But, it wasn't until later Monday night that Zion's mother put it all together.{} Her sister, Zion's aunt, who works at the same head start school called her to ask why Zion didn't attend school Monday.{} His mother was confused -- then it all made sense.{} "I said I did send Zion to school. She said he wasn't there. I went in the class room, spoke to his teacher -- he wasn't there. And once she said that it went back to me that he had been saying he was stuck on the bus."

{}{}{}Apparently, Zion had been left on a WAPT (West Alabama Public Transportation) which is a carrier the head start in Eutaw contracts with for transportation of students.{} Zion was picked up Monday morning around 7:30 am.{} It was a extremely cold day.

{}{}{}His grandmother also became outraged.{} She says workers are suppose to make sure each child gets off the bus once it arrives to school. "They're suppose to look in his face, see him and check his name off," explained Tangy Ward.

{}{} Earnest Palmer, who oversees Community Services of West Alabama including Head start admits that is the process.{} Palmer says Zion was accounted for getting on the bus, but its unclear whether he ever got off at school.{} "The various day parts we're looking at, 3 day parts, when he's taken to school, at school and taken back...the dots don't connect and we're trying to corroborate that with who had contact or responsibility."

{}{} Zions grandmother is quite upset "I can't help but wonder..had{}he [Zion]of{}frozen to death on that bus."

{}{}{}Mom, Wilson says she's just grateful to have Zion to hold...and seeking one thing first, "an apology," which she says as of Tuesday afternoon she had not gotten.

{}{} The family says it does plan to file a police report.

{}{}{}Palmer tells ABC 33/40{}he has made some temporary changes involving employees pending their investigation.{} He says if any workers are deemed to be a fault, it would result in immediate termination.