Mother pleads guilty to murdering her child

Shalinda Glass has plead guilty to felony-murder in the 2006 death of her son, 5-year-old Geontae Glass.{} Glass was originally charged with capital murder in the case, along with Kevin Andre Towles, who was her boyfriend at the time.{} The two hatched a hoax to cover up the crime.

The case unfolded back on December 4, 2006 after Glass called 911 from a gas station in Albertville, and reported that her car had been stolen with her 5-year-old son, Geontae, inside.{} Surrounding counties became involved in the search.{} Officers from the Etowah County Sheriff's Office obtained a search warrant for Towles' residence on Shady Grove Road in Boaz.{} Geontae's body was discovered in the trunk of the car that was previously reported stolen, parked inside the garage at that residence.{} An autopsy revealed that Geontae died due to injuries that resulted from a horrific beating that caused severe internal injuries to the child's body.{}{}

In 2009, Kevin Andre Towles{}{}was sentenced to death for the murder of Geontae Glass.{}During Towles' trial, the victim's 9-year-old sister, a key witness for the State, testified that Shalinda Glass was asleep and wouldn't have known that Towles took Geontae outside and beat him with a stick.{} The sister testified that she never saw her brother walk or talk again after being taken outside by Towles.{}This piece of evidence was significant, according to Harp, in the prosecution's decision to allow Glass to enter a plea to felony murder, as opposed to capital murder.{}{}{}

{}"In order to prove the crime of capital murder, the State has to be able to prove that a person had the specific intent to cause the death of another.{} Here, although there was evidence that Glass failed to provide appropriate care for the victim, failed to seek the medical attention that could have saved his life, and helped to cover up the crime after the fact, there is no evidence that she was even aware that the crime was committed until after it was discovered that Geontae had died," said{}district attorney Jimmie{}Harp.

Judge Millican, in accepting the plea to felony stated,{} "There are some things in life that you never get over.{} The autopsy report, and the photographs of the victim in this case will be burned into my mind forever, and I will always be haunted by the facts of this case.{} However, my heart was touched by [your daughter]."{} Millican told Glass that her daughter's future and well-being, along with the fact that Glass' culpability in the crime did not rise to the same level as Towles, were the reasons that she was allowed to enter the plea to felony murder.