Mother says school wouldn't stop bullying

{}{}{} A Eutaw mother in Greene County says school officials there would not stop the bullying her two children endured because of their race.

{}{}{} Christine Walker showed ABC 33/40 several complaints filed with juvenile court and school officials regarding students allegedly beating her nine year old daughter with a belt and among other things calling here racial names the complaint states.

{}{}{} Walker says it started when daugther Jocelyn started attending Carver Middle School at beginning of this school year.{} She says she found out about it through letters and Jocelyn was writing to counselors at the school.{} In one Jocelyn writes 'they keep calling me a white b-----" and in another she exclaims "i hate my life"

{}{}{} "Any child has right to go to any public school without regards to race," said Walker.{} Her children are white mixed and Greene County, particularly Carver Middle School is a majority African American students, if not exclusively.{} Walker says, "My children were the only whites there."

{}{}{} She says a donor in Birmingham, Alabama heard about the story and volunteered to pay tuition for both of her children to attend a private school in Eutaw for the remainder of the year.

{}{}{} Greene County superintendent, Dr. Emma Louie spoke with ABC 33/40 reporter Isaiah Harper in her office.{} Louie says while she was not at liberty to discuss the matter publicly -- she did say "I have addressed the concerns and we do not discriminate against any student."{} Louie, who was the special education coordinator for the system was just recently permanently assigned to the Superintendent post after serving as interim since the termination of Isaac Atkins earlier this year.

{}{}{} Walker, however maintains school officials took no action to address the bullying her children encountered but instead interpreted her frustration as a threat and filed a trespassing complaint to keep her off school property.

{}{}{} While school officials refuse to discuss the matter, Walker says she's seeking an attorney to see if her legal rights were violated.