Mountain Brook cancer survivor helping others

A Mountain Brook family has a lot to celebrate this Christmas. Last year, Sean Fredella was diagnosed with a rare adult tumor pressing on his brain. But Sunday -- the 12 year old Mountain Brook Elementary Student helped ring in the holiday season giving hope to many children.

People lined the streets for the annual Mountain Brook Christmas parade with the first round of cheers going to the Grand Marshal. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Suzan Doidge, says "He is a symbol of hope. He just came back Tuesday from MD Anderson and they gave him a clean bill of health."

12-year-old Sean Fredella shared a happy moment with friends after spending the last year battling a rare adult tumor pushing on his brain. "Recovering has been a bit hard, but other than that. It's been pretty good."

The Mountain Brook Elementary student was diagnosed with leukemia at age 2, was treated and relapsed a couple of times before getting a bone marrow transplant. Things were looking up until doctors found a new tumor in his sinuses last year.

His mother, Nell Fredella says "He's gone through lots of chemotherapy and two major surgeries and now he's doing really well." With the community behind him the whole way. Sean says "It's kind of indescribable coming back and knowing everyone is think about you and praying for you."

Blue bows started popping up all around Mountain Brook on mailboxes and in front of businesses and the money raised is going towards research." A family friend came up with the concept called Sean Strong." The family started getting lots of money for help, so much in fact, Nell Fredella says they decided to use it to help others. "Now he has a fund at Children's Hospital called the Sean Strong fund and money has been pouring into that and we're going to use it to fund research for pediatric cancer."

Providing a means for other children to also become symbols of hope. Sean says "Just keep on fighting." Nell says "Every day's a gift we thank God for."