Mountain Brook hit with Thanksgiving holiday burglaries


Mountain Brook Police are investigating a handful of burglaries from over the Thanksgiving weekend. {}Four homes were hit between Wednesday, November 21 and Sunday, the 25th. {}Mostly jewelry and electronics, like televisions were stolen. {}So far, there is no suspect description from police.Two of the break-ins happened along Canterbury Road. {}People we talked with in the neighborhood say the holiday burglaries are nothing new. {}Kate Stanford has grown up her entire life in the area. {}She says her home was burglarized last December. {}Her opinion is that the area is targeted because people believe Mountain Brook is a more wealthy area of Birmingham. {}Stanford, 21, says she knows of several neighbors who experienced the same sort of thing over the holidays.Lt. Michael Herren agrees. {}"It's similar to the summer time. {}People are traveling. {}People have left their homes and it presents an opportunity for people to come in and victimize those residents."In the most recent series of burglaries, the suspect either forced their way through a door or broke out a window to climb through. {}In addition to the two cases on Canterbury Road, a home on Lake Drive and one on Euclid Avenue were hit. {}The home on Euclid was under construction, making it an even easier target while the home owners were out of town for Thanksgiving.The home owner, who wants to remain nameless, says the burglar came through the back door where the locks had not yet been installed. {}Some jewelry was taken and even the batteries out of the remote control. {}Fortunately for police, the suspect left footprints in the construction dust. {}Now, the home owners have installed new locks and dead bolts to keep the same thing from happening again.Lt. Herren says it is too early to know if one or more people are at work in these burglaries. {}Detectives are still interviewing neighbors along the three streets. {}However, he is urging people to call people if they see anything out of the ordinary. {}Herren says even if it is nothing at all, it is better for the police to handle the situation in advance, rather than having to solve a crime.