Mountain Brook H.S. pranks gets students in trouble

Vandalism at Mountain Brook High School has landed several students in hot water.One parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, says students spray painted the side of a school building. And also attempted to "fork" the soccer field.{} That's a typical prank where hundreds forks are stuck into the ground, intending to cause damage to the turf and maintenance equipment.

As a result this parent tells me more than 20 students involved are not being allowed to walk at graduation.

The Mountain Brook school code of conduct lists punishment for vandalism or property damage ranging from temporary removal from class to expulsion.

Students may also be sent to the district's alternative school. ABC 33/40 received a statement from Dr. Dale Wisely, director of student services for Mountain Brook schools.{} {}{}{}{}{}{}

While it does not address the specific incident at hand, Wisely did say, "When we do have disciplinary issues in our schools, it is our practice not to comment publicly on such matters, which is consistent with our goal of respecting all members of the school community."