Movie "42" Brings Money To The Magic City

People were caught milling around downtown Birmingham, hoping to get a glimpse of movie actors of the new Jackie Robinson movie "42".

Onlookers say, "A lot of people walking around in their 1940's outfits." "I'm very shocked there shooting stuff down here. "We think it's fantastic, we love the idea that there coming to Birmingham to film the movie."

The movie will star Chadwick Boseman who will play Jackie Robinson and Harrison Ford who will play Branch Rickey, the executive who signed Robinson to play for the Brooklyn dodgers in 1947. Robinson was the first African American who broke baseball color barriers and now the movie is being filmed here, in the Magic City, media coordinator Ernie Malik explains...

"Its baseball history, and it's also race relations, this films is also a love story between Jackie Robinson and his wife Rachel." Malik says the movie is also pumping money into the city. "We got to put hundreds of local people up in local hotels, they have to go out and eat at night for dinner, we buy supplies here if we have to build stuff, we use the services in town, be it cabs or dry cleaners stuff like that," says Malik. One onlooker says, "We can use any additional funds we can use in our city..."

Not only will "42" boost our economy, some local students at corner high school get to meet one of the actors Linc hand who plays a pitcher in the movie and is also a former graduate. Linc Hand says, "It's more of the journey throughout and baseball is the cool thing that people grab onto, they get to see, but it's a lot more to it than people playing baseball."

And as the onlookers keep looking around, trying to figure out why there are so many 1940's cars, they say more movies need to come to the Magic City because it brings the big bucks to Birmingham...

"I really appreciate the producers, directors and all coming into our city and creating some tax money for us," says a pedestrian.

If you would like to be an extra in the movie, just visit