Mt. Vernon United Methodist church recovers after Pastor is charged with murder and attempted murder

Gardendale{}Mt. Vernon United Methodist{}Church{}is coming together and looking for answers on the future of their church.

Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett gave the first sermon since Senior Pastor, Terry Greer has been charged with murder and attempted murder for shooting his wife and daughter Thursday.

As church members arrive for service emotions run high from anger to guilt.

Wallace preached from the book of Mark, comparing Jesus' disciples who also felt anger and frustration to the congregation's{}feelings.{}Now counselors have stepped in, to help church grievers. Sherry Ferguson, with the church counseling services, "We do have some shock going on and so we are doing what we can to help people with that."

Counselors have been at the church helping people cope for the past few days. the plan is to develop a short-term and long-term plan for the congregation.

On Sunday 75 people came to speak with one of the four counselors for support.

"There are a whole range of emotions that are being experienced," says Bishop Wallace Padgett.