Gardendale Mt. Vernon United Methodist church finds peace by helping to end hunger

Church members stuffed 12,000 bags with rice, soybeans, dehydrated vegetables and a mineral packet to ship overseas. Church member, Heather Cason says, "This is really exciting to be able to be a part of something that helps feed people."

But the smile on the church member's faces today wasn't always the case. It was just roughly a month ago, when police say their pastor Terry Greer shot and killed his wife, shot his daughter and stabbed himself.

But since the crime, church members are moving forward. "A pastor is one person and you know, we continue to pray for him but we're not defined by one person. And the church is not this building, we're the church the people are the church so we're going to continue to do business as usual," says church member Heather Lebischak.

Forgiving, forgetting and focusing on what they say God wants them to do.

Lebischak says, "We just want to show that we're still here, we love you and there is still good."