Mugshots: 7 arrested in Wednesday's prostitution raid at Birmingham massage parlor

Top (L-R): Arthur Van Smith, Sam Farlow and Randall Hadaway Jr; Bottom (L-R): Sun Tong Hyang, Yung Lee, Chi Searles and Sun Burris.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Along with their mugshots, Birmingham police released the charges filed against the seven people arrested during a raid at a massage parlor on Wednesday.

According to Lt. Sean Edwards, the bust was part of a month-long vice operation called "Operation Red Light," which was aimed at improving "quality of life issues" along the 1st Avenue North corridor.

Officers concluded the operation by raiding VIP Spa on Parkway East around noon, arresting three male customers and four women who lived and worked at the parlor, which allegedly sold $100 "happy ending" massages to its customers.

Sam Farlow, 66, Arthur Van Smith, 42, and Randall Hadaway Jr., 33, were arrested and transported to jail in a paddy wagon before being booked on misdemeanor charges of visiting an illegal house of prostitution.

One of the four females arrested -- 59-year-old Sun Tong Hyang -- was charged with operating an illegal house of prostitution while 55-year-old Yung Soon Lee, 49-year-old Chi Searles and 54-year-old Sun Burris were charged with residing in an illegal house of prostitution.