Murder victim donates organs family hopes to spur others

19-year old Amber "Nikki" Davenport lost her life in what Gadsden police call a classic case of domestic violence --{}she died Sunday{}from head trauma,{}but her family has made sure their loved one did not die in vain. It has donated Davenport's{} lungs, kidneys, liver and pancreas.

Davenport's boyfriend and father of her child, Pharrish{}Whiteside, is charged with her murder. Davenport's family told ABC 33/40 it had warned the 19-year that her rocky relationship was not good for anyone, but Davenport wanted her son to have a father in his life. Something she didn't always have.

Davenport's great uncle, Gadsden City{}Councilor Robert Avery, told ABC 33/40 the best way to turn a tragedy into a positive was to donate his great niece's organs. Because of head trauma, only organs from below the neck were able to be offered to transplant patients.

Avery's family has donated organs before, but{}not enough{}African-Americans are donating organs-- not enough to keep with{}demand in Alabama.

As of April 8, the Alabama Donor{}Center{}says 3,599 Alabamians are waiting for a transplant, but 2,320 of them are of{}african descent.{}

Avery{}says his family is proud for people have{}been given the chance to live a healthy life because of Davenport's organs and it hopes{}the effort spurs others, especially{}the black community, to share their organs.{}{}

Tuesday, The City of Gadsden issued a resolution recognizing organ donors.

Funeral arrangements are set for Thursday, April 21 at Emmanuel Baptist Church in downtown Gadsden.

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