Muschamp Fires At Saban: Careful What You Ask For

Nick Saban doesn't want to think about what awaits if his team doesn't win the SEC Championship.

Alabama's coach spoke over the weekend about the slight that either Alabama or Georgia will face after Saturday's conference title game. The winner earns a spot in the BCS Title Game while the loser is likely out of a BCS bowl.

Florida coach Will Muschamp has a simple solution to any perceived injustice.

"I can switch and go to Atlanta if (Saban) doesn't want to go to Atlanta and play the Bulldogs," Muschamp said on Monday. "Be careful what you ask for, Nick."

Alabama and Georgia play in the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta this Saturday.

The Tide,{}Bulldogs and{}Gators are ranked two, three and four in the most recent BCS standings. The team that comes up short in the SEC Title Game will drop below{}Florida in the poll.

The BCS is set up in way so{}there{}can't be more than two teams from one conference invited to a BCS Bowl.