Names released of victims killed in plane crash

The names of the two passengers on board the small Cessna plane that crashed near Trussville have been released.

Allan and Cali Campbell, from Florence, Mississippi have been identified. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office believes they were husband and wife.

According to our sister station in Jackson, Mississippi, Allan Campbell was the pilot of the plane and worked for a Louisiana company called "Southern Seaplane."

We don't know what exactly happened Friday night, but the plane went missing around 10:30. It lost communication with air traffic controllers from Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport.

Jefferson County deputies and Trussville police searched the area of Goodner Road Mountain road throughout the night. Crews found the Cessna 210 around 1:30 Saturday afternoon. It was found in a wooded area near Goodner Mountain.

The scene is now secured. The NTSB will now investigate to find out how the plane crashed.

We also know that the Cessna 210 was a fixed wing, single engine aircraft.

This particular plane was manufactured in 1976 - and we know the registration was valid until February of 2016.

It was registered with Southern Seaplane, Inc out of Louisiana.

A representative told{}us they are asking that all questions, go through the{}FAA and the NTSB.