NASCAR introduces new penalty procedure

NASCAR has a new way to deal with technical infractions which it hopes will clear up any debate.

The sport introduced a new "Deterrence System" that details six levels of penalties. The fines and point deductions increase as the offenses become more severe.

Some penalties in the new system could increase to more than 50 percent of the original discipline if the race team is a repeat offender and the infraction is severe.

The new penalty procedure will not be used to assess behavioral offenses.

"Our goal is to be more effective, fair and transparent," said Steve O'Donnell, the senior vice president of racing operations. "It's never our intent to penalize, but in order to keep the playing field fair for everyone, we recognize that strong rules need to be in place."

NASCAR also announced that Bryan Moss is the sports new chief appellate and will be in charge of the appeals process. He replaces John Middlebrook.