National Eat Healthy Day

If you have been contemplating eating healthier, today is the day to do it.

Today is "National Eating Healthy Day."{}

National Eating Healthy Day isdedicated to promoting and improving the health and wellness of all Americans.It's vital to maintain a healthy and well-balanced eating pattern as well asengage in physical activity on a daily basis.

The effort is promoted by The American Heart Association.{} It is part of the American Heart Association's My Heart My Life platform that reminds people that simple dietary changes can make a huge impact oncardiovascular health and can promote weight loss. Some examples include:

  1. Eatmore fruits and vegetables. Aim for 4-5 servings each of fruits andvegetables every day, if you consume a 2,000 calorie diet. Vegetable or 100%fruit juice counts toward this goal.
  2. Eatmore whole-grain foods. Like fruits and vegetables, whole-grain foods arelow in saturated fat and cholesterol and rich in fiber. Whole-grain foodsinclude whole-wheat bread, rye bread, brown rice and whole-grain cereal.
  3. Useolive, canola, corn or safflower oil as your main kitchen fat. Limit howmuch fat or oil you use in cooking, and use liquid vegetable oils such asolive, canola, corn and safflower oils in place of solid fats.
  4. Eat more chicken, fishand beans than other meats. In general, skinless poultry, fish andvegetable protein (such as beans) are lower in saturated fat and cholesterolthan other meats (beef, pork and lamb).
  5. Read food labels to helpyou choose healthy foods. Food labels provide information to help you makebetter food choices. Learn what information to look for (for example, sodiumcontent) and how to find it quickly and easily.