National medal of valor given to Shelby County school resource officer

A local school resource officer has a lot to be proud of today.{} Shelby County Sheriff's Deputy David Morrow was given the National Sheriff's Association's Medal of Valor.{} It was a surprise to Morrow, who had no idea he would be presented with such an honor. School and law enforcement leaders kept the ceremony a secret.{} He was called out to a pep rally for "crowd control" when Sheriff Chris Curry and a representative from National Sheriff's Association stepped up, along with Morrow's wife.{} The deputy chuckled that he was about to go to lunch.Once given the award, Morrow spoke to students and faculty.{} He thanked everyone for remembering their training.{} "I'm thankful I was here, but more than that I'm thankful that you guys.. were prepared enough to know what to do in a time of crisis."{} His humility was further shown when complimented on the fact that he could have prevented a tragedy.{} He said, "It wasn't me that prevented all this.{} God was in control the whole time.{} I don't say that lightly I mean that because things could have gone a different way so quickly."On February 12, 2013 reports indicate Ryan Sims entered Chelsea Middle School with a gun.{} Reportedly, the former part-time summer employee held several girls hostage in a locker room.{} Deputy Morrow and Principal Bill Harper were able to diffuse the situation in about 20 minutes, with no injuries.