National Sleep Day survey shows how Americans get shuteye

Sleep seems to be the elusive gift most Americans want more of, but, seldom get! Thursday, January 3, 2013, is National Sleep Day. See how your sleeping patterns stack up against a survey of 3,700 Americans.

Only ten percent get what would be called a "restful night's sleep" every night of the week. The least restful nights seem to be Sunday and Monday. Those surveyed said the best sleep came on Friday and Saturday nights.

Almost 75% surveyed said they sleep exclusively on their sides. Less than ten percent sleep on their back and approximately 15 percent prefer to sleep on their tummy.

Slightly less than 50% of those surveyed share their beds with someone who snores. Of those, more than 60% don't believe they would sleep any better alone.

A couple of other interesting tidbits from the survey: Approximately one quarter remember any of their dreams and less than ten percent sleep in the buff.

Pleasant dreams!